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How to clean gold plated jewelry, and proper care.

Posted by Administrator on 5/26/2011 to Jewelry Care
Ok I will try to list a few things here that will help your gold plated jewelry last as long as possible. When cared for correctly high quality gold plated jewelry can last up to 2-7 years+.
1. The first tip on how to clean gold plated jewelry is if you take good care of your ring you will not have to clean it that often. The less you clean the ring the better. However when you do clean it use a wash cloth, and some very, very light soapy water then dry it as soon as your done. 
2. Try to avoid getting your gold plated jewelry wet as this will shorten the life of your jewelry, so try to take it off when you shower, wash hands, ect.
3. Avoid putting on lotions while you have your ring on. If you ware a hand or body lotions try to put it on and let it dry before putting on a gold plated ring.
4. If possible try not to wear it every day. Of course this is an option only because the great thing about plated jewelry is the price, so if you did wear your ring out in 1 year instead of 5 you can buy a replacement from us without breaking the bank.
Try to remember these how to clean gold plated jewelry tips and your jewelry will give you years of enjoyment. If you’re looking for some high quality gold plated jewelry at a fair price then please click the title to this post below.
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